Depending on the complexity of the project, I follow the work flow below.

If you have any questions, get in contact and ask away!

1. Discuss Ideas

We discuss your ideas and how I can help to enhance them through video.

We will cover video length, locations, and the most important part of a video: the story and how it comes across to the audience.

4. Editing

Putting your video together with the footage takes the longest time, but is the most rewarding part.

I colour grade and put the video together as planned.

2. Preparation & Creative Brief

Time to plan your video, write scripts, draw up story boards, and prepare shot lists together!

I’ll give you all the input you need, and will listen closely to create your vision

5. Review

Once the first edit is complete, I’ll send it to you to be reviewed. I then make adjustments, and send over the second cut. After this second review, I produce your third and final cut.

3. Production

During filming, we follow the shot lists, storyboards and plans. It usually takes half an hour to set up the camera, lights, sound and location. Then we film the subject matter. With an event or workshop, I blend in and capture the natural ambience. 

6. Complete!

Well look at that, your lovely video is complete and ready to draw in your audience!

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